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   From the beginning of life on earth, people have used different styles and methods to relieve pain and heal the body. From the beginning, people hunted for survival, fought for territories and were forced to discover methods and techniques of fighting.

   As no fight ends without physical consequences, they used the palm and fingers to rub, massage and alleviate the pain resulted from the fight with the opponent, who was not necessarily human, but wild animal.

   Whether they used certain parts of the body (fingers, hand, elbow, feet, etc.) instinctively or with the help of revelations, our ancestors often managed to cure serious affections of the body (dislocations, fractures, osteo-articular pain , etc).

   Scientists say that manual therapies originated in China, but each people developed their own healing technique, later the therapies migrated with the wars and conquest of territories.

   Ancient writings from Egypt, Persia, Greece, Rome, and Asian countries mention the positive effects of manual therapies, beginning with massage and ending with chiropractic techniques.

   According to the Taoist thought, the universe is a whole made up of matter and energy, ruled by two antagonistic and complementary forces called INN and YANG, without which the universe would not be in perfect balance, these forces being present in things and phenomena.

   Considered the father of Taoism, Lao-Tzeu, born in 604 BC, says that man is in harmony with the cosmic energy from which life was born and that the rupture of these bonds leads to diseases, first energetically, then physically.

   We can say that everything in the universe means movement!

   All the energies in the body circulate in an organized and cyclical way, and their disorder means illness and the cessation of circulation means death.

   Until the physical disease occurs, the body's energy system will intervene in several stages and will be defended with the help of the musculoskeletal system.

   When the energy that governs the muscular system is exceeded and cannot cope, the energy of the body's lymphatic system will intervene.

   After this energy is also exceeded, the disease will slowly but surely settle on certain organs, which will lead to their helplessness.

   If you transpose this theory into any alternative and complementary therapy, you will notice that everything has a logic and any movement, maneuver, will be used to imprint movement, to restart (if necessary) an organ, a structure.

   What is understandable is that it would be available to anyone to treat these energy imbalances and implicitly to restore that well-being that the body had.

   The body sends us signals, it raises alarm signals that we must take into account.

   From my point of view, i consider the disease to be a padlock with numbers, and the healing is represented by the combination of several numbers that can open this padlock.

   It must be understood that in a healing process a single number is not enough (therapy, method, process), but to use all the numbers in the correct order.

   You don't have to be a chef to understand that to make a meal you need certain ingredients, added in a certain order and at a certain time.

   Well, how does that come about? Very simple.

   To make a tasty soup we need water, vegetables, spices, which we add in a certain order (we boil water with vegetables) and with a certain frequency (after a certain time the water boils, after which we can add the more of what we have to put in the soup), then the result will be just right.

   Reposturing therapy is a way to balance the body and "calm" the irritated nerves. It normalizes the body's functions through special techniques and maneuvers, reduces tension in all body structures, reduces joint tension, improves fluid circulation and allows the body to relax deeply.

   When stress is released from the body, the functions of the immune system are resumed, allowing the body to adapt to environmental changes and be more resistant to disease.

   The tension in the body is also due to accumulations of lactic acid, being a result of fatigue, trauma, stress, chemical imbalances and especially a poor circulation of fluids (energy).

   During therapy, the muscles relax, allowing the blood, lymph and energy to flow freely, all the while the toxins are released and then eliminated.

   I've been hearing about the pain after a complementary therapy. I mean, why should my back hurt if I apply a therapy?

   As I said, during therapy the body releases endorphins, but also the toxins contained down to the cellular level, which causes these pains.

   These pains will be present in the body until the body manages to eliminate these toxins. It is recommended that after the Reposturing therapy, at an interval of 1-2 days to intervene with reflexology or manual lymphatic drainage. For a better efficiency and depending on the age of the organism and the age of the disease, the reposting-releasing toxin-reposting scheme can be used.