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     My name is Ionut Raileanu, i am a physiokinetotherapist, therapist for several complementary therapies and founder of the most efficient treatment "REPOSTURING".

     Free Practice Authorization, over 12 years of experience in the medical therapeutic field, graduate of the faculty of physiotherapy, master student, over 20,000 hours of therapies and massages, over 7000 patients and clients (babies, children, adolescents, mothers, fathers, grandparents ) satisfied, advanced training courses in the country and abroad, over 1000 cases successfully solved.

     All this time I took courses in: Structural Chiropractic and Soft Osteopathy in agreement with Dr. Ackermann-Ackermann College Sweden, Massage, Reflexology, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Craniosacral Therapy, Radiant Technical Therapy, Yumeiho Therapy, Japanese Therapy Shiatsu Nam Shiatsu , Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilities, NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming, Neuromuscular bandaging - “Kinesiotaping”, Trainer, on different stages of preparation.

  • My clients and pacients say i am a warm, kind and patient person.
  • My friends say i am a trustworthy person, which you can count on when you need help.
  • My colleagues say i am a professional and they turn to my advice in the therapeutic field.